Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dream On

Number 52 was back, after a scheduled 2 week absence, when he became the leader of the council of 12 that was dispatched by the NUC. They met on Mars, or should I say, in Mars. Martian civilization moved underground nearly half a million years ago, after it realized that its atmosphere was quickly deteriorating. After Cehydran, the first underground city was constructed, others quickly followed, until the entire population either excavated or perished. The meeting was scheduled for the 245th of Tarqeq, by NUC time, and became a time of concern. The opposition had dispatched a front runner to Earth and a decision had to be made.

Earth had been suspicious of Mars for years, after it found out about the methane emissions. The underground civilization that the inhabitants of Mars created, produced waste that had to be discarded, in the form of gas. Although atom disintegrators were used, there was always a certain amount of residue methane that remained, and it was easier to release it into space than taking the time and energy to go through the atomizing process 2 or 3 more times, to annihilate every molecule.

The Martian’s aren’t human, but of another species of sentient life. The NUC is able to bridge the gap between species because of teleo. The Martian’s are neither teleo or beresheet, but sympathize with both. They realize that if Earth evolves into an overmind, then its orbit will be available, and that they may be able to move their world back to the surface, but they never let such things effect their opinions.

Now that Trevor was back, he began to search the minds of his passengers for traces of the ICUD’s presence. He quickly found out that Oooaaioo eeeoooui was working as driver #69, with Universal Cab and was using the name Jim Owens. It was too late for the ICUD to pre-empt the NUC, but they could initiate a miscarriage, by damaging enough minds with beresheet to initiate the abortion process.

Trevor learned a new truth at the meeting, that the other 11 confirmed. The prophet, called the son of God, who was named Jesus, was the only earth human who ever achieved teleo. It was believed that He was imbued with the essence of the overmind, as a prophecy of what was to come. He is the ultimate example, that is nearly impossible for pre-teleo humans to become. The ridiculous notion of stopping war, hate, killing and other normal activity for life on earth, can only become a reality when teleo has occurred.

“Number 52 get Copper John’s for professor Marshall,” the dispatcher announced over the radio, breaking Trevor’s concentration on the meeting.

“I confirm,” he answered, and then buckled his seat belt, as he turned on the dome light and wrote down the call on his trip sheet. After he started his van, and headed to Court Street, where he connected with Commercial, and double parked in front of the bar, with his flashers on while he went into the establishment and saw professor Marshall, in his usual place at the end of the bar, drinking a glass of wine, while he was conversing with a beautiful young woman who was in her late twenties. He is an 83 year old retired college professor, who has been going to the bar that a former bank became, since over 60 years ago. Today it was the local gang banger wanna be rap dance club in the city of Salem, but that didn’t detour Professor Marshall, even after one of the head bouncers quit because of all the fights that he had to be involved in.

One of the bouncers helped to get Professor Marshall out, and once he was on the street, he managed to walk to the cab with #52’s assistance. Once they were underway to his home, he talked about how people today didn’t care that they were losing their humanity by neglecting the arts.

“It should never be so in a sophisticated civilization,” Professor Marshall emotionally exclaimed, and continued, “I remember when I was in graduate school, how we would play 78 rpm records of classical music and anyone in my small group of friends could immediately identify it. How many can do that today? Probably none! Oh sure they can tell you if it is Led Zeppelin or Metallica, but what happened to Chopin and Shubert?”

When they arrived at his house, professor Marshall paid for his $7.30 cab ride with 2 $5.00 bills and Trevor helped him to the door. As usual #52 waited until Professor Marshall got into his house to leave. After about 5 minutes Trevor got back out of his cab as asked if there was a problem to which Professor Marshall embarrassedly pointed to his inside out pocket containing his house key. Trevor cut open the pocket with his finger and removed the key container and sealed the pocket back up, before the professor realized what was happening.

“This is like one of those mindless sitcoms that pollute the minds of our population,” the professor said.

“They have to get their ideas from somewhere,” #52 said. After he called his clearance in Trevor called down on Amtrack, where he found #25 sleeping in his cab. He walked over to the cab and felt his mind with his own, but didn’t perform teleo. He saw the dream that Bob was having.

As I drove down the 8 lane main street of the unfamiliar city, I began to fight the growing feeling of fear swelling in the pit of my stomach. My passenger had convinced me to drive him to downtown Beaverton for free. He told me that he had a message that would transform the world and needed to rendezvous with fellow revolutionaries who would be spearheading the effort with him. When he spoke of revolution, what he was referring to was the upcoming war between Christianity, along with its Hindu, Buddhist and Sunni allies against fanatic Shiite Islamic Jihadist’s. On the hour drive my passenger talked non-stop about the coming war and how it had been percolating, since WWI ended.

“Remember!” he told me, “before WWI, the world was divided between the Christian and Islamic nations, along with all the heathen cultures. Communism was but a parenthetical delay, to allow the Islamic Jihadist’s to stock their arsenals with weapons, ammunition and propaganda, while the Christian West battled with its own heresies. Now the 2 sides are preparing to array themselves against each other, as the next great battle between cultures is fought. There can only be one, and that one will be the victor, on every level.”

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