Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Adversary

Oooaaioo eeeoooui arrived on earth nearly 6 months after Trevor Netzreg. He was the forward scout for the “Interdimensional Consortium for Universal Domination,” better known as ICUD, the “NUC” Near Universe Coalition’s arch enemy. They were anti teleo and obsessed with creation, regardless of the utilitarianism of what was created, because it was nothing but food to them. If the ICUD controlled a planet by the time that the NUC arrived, it was annihilated. Oooaaioo eeeoooui took the earth name of Jim Owens and began to drive a taxi cab for Universal cab, one of Yellow Cab’s many competitors, as #69.

Number 69 had been driving for nearly 2 weeks before he was able to ascertain that the NUC agent know as Trevor Netzreg was working for Yellow Cab, as #52. It was when he got a call to pick up a passenger at “LaDonna's” the sleaziest strip club in town, that he got the information. It had been a slow Monday night, the last week of August, so it was slow, and most cab drivers were desperate for a good run, to turn their night around. So when #69 entered the club, he tried to act the part of a desperate cab driver anxious for a high dollar trip.

After #69 told the female bartender that he was looking for Ray, she went into an adjoining room, and after she came out she said that Ray wanted #69 to go inside. When he entered, he found his fare on the floor with a completely naked woman straddling him, as she moved from his face to his crotch.

“Did you call for a taxi?” Number 69 asked.

“Yes,” Ray answered. “Have a seat, and enjoy the show.”

“Then I’ll need to start the meter,” #69 said.

“Yeah, go ahead and start the meter,” Ray said.

After he returned, #69 sat in a chair in front of the stage that the naked stripper was rubbing her posterior in the face of his passenger. He found it interesting that these heterosexual beings should place so much importance on the act of procreation that they should erect so many temples dedicated to it. After Ray was done slobbering all over the woman’s derriere he turned to #69 and asked him to wait until he was done with his drink.

“You don’t mind if I pay you tomorrow, do you?” Number 69’s passenger asked.

“We normally get paid at the time that the service is concluded,” #69 said.

“Oh, it will be okay, ” Ray told eeeoooui, my regular driver Trevor, #52 always lets me slide.

Eeeoooui told Ray that he would have to call the dispatcher to confirm his veracity, at which point Ray said that he was just kidding and had the money. He said that #52 worked for Yellow Cab, but he was off this week, because of some kind of a convention he was attending, and he let the bar tender call for a cab. Number 69 saw inside Ray’s mind and knew that it had been touched by teleo, and that #52 was a NUC agent. After a few more women disrobed and Ray gave them varying amounts of money, which they greedily snatched up. Ray told #69 that he had been in the Marines from 1977 until 2010, and he was now collecting a pension.

“Can you still cry?” He asked #69

“Yes,” he said.

“Good,” Ray answered, and began talking about how he was now broke and would have to fight his brother, who was twice his size and as mean as Adolph Hitler and Osama Bin Laden combined, for some money to pay for the ride. When they finally arrived at Ray’s apartment on Rickey street, the meter was at over $28.00. Ray got out of the car, and as he walked by an elderly man opening the door to his own apartment, he told him to get fucked. After a few minutes Ray came out and had $570.00 in seven bills in his hand, and handed #69 a $50.00.

“Is my mouth bleeding?” Ray asked.

“No, it looks fine,” #69 said.

“Well, it feels like it’s bleeding,” he said. “Will you drive me to Stars?”

Eeeoooui told him that he would drive him wherever he wanted to go, so they began driving to the strip club on the other end of town. On the trip there Ray began to talk about the eventual economic collapse of the Federal government of the USA, because of the influx of illegal immigrants, and the communist policies that are being put into place by the current administration. He explained that states would become like countries, and some would form alliances, with guarded borders, and passports required for entry. He said that there were already underground cities being constructed, and soon domed cities would appear, with force shields that were impenetrable by air launched weapons. The governments would vary from state to state, but eventually stability would occur, he said.

By the time that they arrived at Stars, the meter was at $42.70, and Ray told #69 to keep the change, as he exited and announced that he would be calling for a ride back home in a couple of hours, when he was broke again. Eeeoooui thought about how Ray was prime ICUD material, with his obsession with the creation process. He thought that it was ironic for a species of life like humanity, to be recruited by the NUC, when they were clearly anti teleo in their nature. Of course until the gestation period for transformation was over, an abortion or miscarriage could still occur. Then if the NUC could be prevented from annihilating Earth, the planet would ripen until it would be devoured by the interdimensional scavengers that feed off pre-gestation or aborted overmind potentials, which the ICUD was an agent for. These interdimensional scavengers are simply known as Zene. They are nearly invisible, until they become excited by site of a pre-overmind, that they will be devouring. The purpose of The ICUD is to prevent the universe from spawning new universes for the sake of longevity, so the Zene may continue to thrive and grow, as they travel from universe to universe and dimension to dimension devouring everything with teleo potential.

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