Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Litany Of Fares

As a cab driver you chauffer a plethora of people over a period of years.
People of every profession, disposition and pecking order position.
Good people.
Bad people.
Nice people.
Nasty people.
Violent people.
Peaceful people.
Poor people.
Rich people.
Middle class people.
Drunk people.
Sober people.
Stoned people.
High flying people.
Disgusting people.
Smelly people.
Stinking people.
Putrid people.
Nauseating people.
Pissing people.
Shitting people.
Vomiting people.
Crashing people.
Withdrawing people.
Cold Turkey people.
Insane people.
Crazy people.
Demonic people.
Saintly people.
Sane people.
Intelligent people.
Stupid people.
Idiotic people.
Gifted people.
Cursed people.
Tormented people.
Angry people.
Kind people.
Frustrated people.
Depressed people.
Suicidal people.
Psychotic people.
Neurotic people.
Sociopathic people.
Fearful people.
Terrified people.
Arguing people.
Loving people.
Kissing people.
Fucking people.
Living people.
Dying people.
Escaping people.
Released people.
Traveling people.
Visiting people.
Partying people.
Working people.
Welfare people.
Homeless people.
Illegal people.
Illiterate people.
Immigrant people.
Teaching people.
Studious people.
Tiny people.
Little people.
Big people.
Obese people.
Blind people.
Deaf people.
Footless people.
Legless people.
Armless people.
Limbless people.
Wheelchair people.
Walker people.
Brain damaged people.
Faceless people.
Pregnant people.
Born people.
Sick people.
Convalescing people.
Well people.
Intimidating people.
Scary people.
Terrifying people.
Eating people.
Drinking people.
Naked people.
Sexual people.
Puritanical people.
Offended people.
Complimented people.
Lying people.
Cheating people.
Thieving people.
Religious people.
Law abiding people.
Lawless people.
God hating people
Godless people.
God fearing people.
God loving people.

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