Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exploited Men

It’s not the norm, but it does happen, that occasionally, insidiously wicked, or demented women exploit naïve men. Such was the case one afternoon the first year that I began driving a taxi cab. I got a call to pick up a man, who was being released from the county jail. When I got to the jail, and entered the release area ante room, and pressed the intercom button, the guard inside asked me who I was there for.

“Lloyd Ingram”, I told him.

“He’ll be out in a minute,” the guard told me.

So I went back to the cab and waited, until the back gate opened and a man came out. After he got in my cab, I asked him where we were heading and he told me the Super 8 Motel. On the way there he told me an incredible story.

“I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I was feeling lonely,” he told me, “and I met this woman who seemed to be the perfect match for me. We dated for a couple of weeks, and everything that we did together was fun, and she acted like she genuinely like me. So I asked her if she wanted to move in with me. She told me that she would love to and I helped her move all her things, over the next week. After we were together a couple of months she began to change, and started to act like I was living with her.”

“One night, we had an argument, and I asked her to leave, she refused, and I went up to my room to figure out what to do next. In the meantime she called 911 and said that she was attacked. When the police arrived, I answered the door and they informed me why they were summoned. I was shocked and realized that my new roommate was trying to commandeer my house and get me out.”

My passenger excused himself and proceeded to go to his room and open his safe to remove the deed to his house and the titles for his vehicles. Then he returned to the living room where he found his girlfriend talking with the two police officers that now looked at him with suspicion. He gave the officers the legal papers for the house and vehicles to prove that he owned everything, and that the woman was just a guest. However, the police ignored it all, and put the titles on the dining room table, as they handcuffed my passenger, and led him to their patrol car. After spending a week in jail, his lawyer finally got him bailed out, and he was going to begin the legal battle to regain his house, car and truck. The woman who was still at the house had a restraining order against him, so he can't come anywhere near his home to get his vehicles, and was forced to now use taxi cabs, or get friends to drive him.

I picked the same guy up 6 months later, and he was living at a friend’s house, but he still hadn’t gotten his house and vehicles back. In the meantime he lost his job and was becoming an alcoholic, because he was so depressed that he saw no purpose in trying to do anything, since the system is set up to make you fail. At least that’s what he believes.

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