Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Source Energy

The life source energy travelled through the universe in search of a host to expel itself upon, so it could give birth to sentient beings who would crawl out of the primordial soup that the inoculation would create. The growing entity that was the universe was made up of nearly a trillion galaxies, each of which could contain as many as a trillion planets. The growth process of the entity required it to evolve and mature. The way that it did so was through the impregnation of planets or atom particles with sentient energy that would evolve into expanding planet harvesters, whose function was to attend to the health of the entity.

At the initial moment, that is called the big bang, there occurred the impregnation of a cosmic ovum. When the seed injected the egg, ecstasy occurred and fuck was born, in this universe that we call ours. The big band exploded until the first occurrence of sentient energy appeared, then, it began to search for a ripe recipient. As the matter and anti matter fled the center, galaxies appeared, myriad by myriad, until solar systems stabilized, as stars achieved their goal, and the electrons circled the nucleus.

When a planet is ripe for the impregnation of sentience , it begins to emit a sonic vibration that moves through the ether at a speed that completely transcends that of light or rationale will allow. When this happens the life source energy is drawn to it, and the evening and the morning becomes the first day of sentience impregnation. Then the electron evolves for a few million years, until civilizations rise and fall, and the planet’s technology calls out to the cosmos to say “I am alive and I am here.” When this happens, the NUC sends out observers as part of the first reconnaissance scout team for the “Near Universe Coalition” (NUC). These scouts will continue to do their jobs until the entire universe has reached its potential, and the entity is able to fulfill its destiny.

Driver #52 knew that the reason why he was impersonating a citizen of Earth was for the greater purpose. So anytime that he felt pangs of guilt, for leaving his wife and children for so many years, he reminded himself that he was fulfilling a greater purpose than he could possibly realize, and besides that he was but a gear in the mechanism that his mission was comprised of, which would ultimately bear fruit, in the eons to come. So when he got a call to pick up at an upscale 55 and older only mobile home park on the South side of town, he drove there with his spirit steeled against any thoughts that would deviate from the greater purpose.

As Trevor entered the trailer park there was a map showing the layout of nearly 200 homes, on a couple of dozen streets and cul de sacs, that he studied, which led him directly to his destination. The late afternoon was around 50 degrees with low hanging patchy rain clouds emitting an occasional spray of rain on the lush green Willamette Valley landscape, in between patches of sunshine poking its rays through swirling masses of grey. When he drove onto the straightaway that trailer 161 was on, he could see 2 elderly women who looked to be in their 70’s holding the hands of 2 little girls, who looked to be about 3-5 years of age. He assumed that they were his passengers, but they were 2 trailers beyond #52’s fare. An elderly man, who appeared to be around 80 years old was standing on the porch, waving to Trevor, as he pulled up.

“She’ll be right out,” the elderly man said.

So #52 put his flashers on and waited until a black woman who looked to be around 30 came out and got in the back seat. She slouched down as she closed the door and said,

“Pull into my driveway and turn around. I don’t want to go past those women, they’ll call the police if they see me.”

So #52 made a U turn and headed back down the road that he entered in, as he asked his passenger where she wanted to go.

“The Traveler’s Inn,” she said.

As he pulled onto South Lancaster he asked her why the women would call the police on her and she told him that it was because the trailer park was a 55 and older residence and she was only 29 years old. she said that she and her husband have had problems ever since they moved to the trailer park right after they got married. Then she said that she forgot her money for the taxi on the kitchen table, but didn’t want to go back to get it because of the women.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “you’ll get paid, because my cousin has money at the motel.”

As she was talking Trevor turned his head towards her, and made eye contact for the split second that was necessary. He saw a child born in South Central Los Angeles and grew up in the inner city, who had many brothers and sisters, from many fathers and 1 mother. They lived in many places, some drug houses, some brothels, some shelters and even in the L.A. river once. By the time that she, whose name was called Delia reached puberty, she had been raped multiple times. She’s had 3 children all of whom were put in foster homes, because of her rampant drug use. Delia and 2 of her brothers worked the West Coast, from Seattle to San Diego, transporting drugs and turning tricks to help pay for expenses. The elderly man, whose trailer Trevor picked her up at, contacted her through an escort agency that women can join and get clients from, for a flat fee of $100.00 per appointment. She has $500.00 on her at the moment, in 5 C notes, that she would get change for, when she paid for the motel room, to pay her fare.

“I was not worried,” Trevor said.

“I just want to relax,” She said as she slouched down in the back seat, until she was nearly laying down. She was reticent on the rest of the trip, until they hit the Portland road underpass. “Pull into Von’s,” she said, “I want to see if my cousin is still here. He was winning playing video poker and I can get the money from him.”

She went inside, and after a minute, she came back out, and said that he wasn’t there, so he must have gone back to the motel. When they were approaching the Travelers Inn, she told #52 to pull up to the office, so she could go in and find out what room her cousins were in. After a few minutes she came back out and told him to pull up to room 110. He pulled into the empty space, in front, and Delia got out, saying that she would be right back. After a couple of minutes, she came out with a $20.00 bill to pay the 17.40 fare, and said to keep the change.

“See, I told you you’d get paid,” she said.

“I never doubted,” Trevor answered. As he was driving away, 2 large black men came out of room 110 and walked toward the office.

“#52 cleared,” he told the dispatcher, as he pulled onto Portland road, heading downtown.


  1. This is a good segment of your story. Very detailed. I liked the voice of the narrator.