Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going To Grandma’s

Saturday night just before Midnight I got a call to the gay bar, to pick up Sheila. As I was driving, I was thinking to myself, that this could be the same woman that I picked up a couple of other times over the past couple of years. If it was, it would be interesting, and lucrative, because the past two times, she handed me a $100.00 bill and had me escort her into a bar with a band, while the taxi meter ran. She was about 5’2’, about 110 lbs, in her fifties, and attractive, with short blonde hair wearing tight black slacks, blue and red flowered white blouse and a black leather jacket.

The first time she just had me sit there, so it would look like she had an escort. She told me that she was a business owner and money meant nothing to her, as she drank glasses of wine, while I had 7 Up. She got up and danced, both by herself and with others, after she failed to get me to accompany her. The second time started the same way, but when we got to the bar, she asked me to have sex with her, while the meter ran at her house. After I refused, we went into the bar, where she picked up a guy who was in his late 30’s, who just got divorced a month earlier, and was pining for his wife. Sheila was buying him drinks and dancing with him, while she did her best to seduce him, but he kept bringing up his ex wife and how much he missed her. We finally drove him home to Turner, and when I dropped Sheila off, the meter was at $162.40, and she handed me another $100.00 bill to go with the first, and she told me to keep the change, as she went into her upscale home, alone.

Tonight Sheila had someone with her, because when I found her, amid the thronging crowd dancing beneath the revolving disco ball, she told me that they would be right out. I waited in my cab, until two women came out, and got in back. Sheila gave me her home address, and the other woman who was much younger was her granddaughter, I found out. On the drive there, they largely ignored me and talked to each other like they were friends.

“I really had a good time,” the younger woman, whose name was Briana said.

“I told you that you would,” Sheila said. “Gay bars are the best places to go dancing, I always have more fun there, and sometimes I actually find someone to go home with. You have to be careful, because sometimes the next morning when you wake up, you wonder how you ended up with this person, but after a few drinks they all look good.”

Briana had a bad case of hiccups and I was starting to get concerned that she may get sick in the cab. She talked about how guys kept buying her drinks and she was drinking them to be polite. Sheila told her that she had to be careful not to mix different type of alcohol together, to avoid getting sick.

“You don’t want to mix hard liquor with beer, or wine,” she said. “Keep them all separate. Hiccups are an indication that you mixed the wrong things together. Hopefully you won’t get sick to your stomach. We’ll have you eat something when we get home,” Sheila told her.

They laughed like school girls, as I drove down the winding roads of the South Salem hills, until we arrived at Sheila’s home. Briana got out and walked towards the house, and in my headlights I could see that she was wearing fishnet tights, with a tight slinky black dress. Sheila paid me the $10.90 fare with a $20.00 bill that she handed me and told me to keep the change.

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